Concerning Website Usage and Information according to Art. 13 and Art. 14 GDPR
Last Updated: April 19, 2024


The following information is provided to you, esteemed visitors and users of this website, detailing how we, the SEMA Technology Group, collect personal data, the extent of such collection, and the purposes for which it is used.

We take data protection seriously, particularly with regard to personal data, which is treated confidentially and in accordance with legal requirements. When processing personal data, we adhere to Article 6(1) GDPR:

  • With your consent,
  • To fulfill a contract or perform pre-contractual measures,
  • To comply with legal obligations, or
  • To safeguard our legitimate interests.

Please review this privacy policy regularly, as changes may occur due to new technologies and legal frameworks.

Data Controllers under the GDPR

The entities responsible for data protection are SEMA Management GmbH and SEMA Maschinenbau GmbH. Their contact details are available in our imprint:

SEMA Management GmbH
Hessenberg 1
A 4801 Traunkirchen
+43 7617 3304 0
SEMA Maschinenbau GmbH
Hessenberg 1
A 4801 Traunkirchen
+43 7617 3304 0

Contact for Data Protection Coordination

For any inquiries regarding data protection, please contact our Data Protection Team at:

SEMA Management GmbH
z.H. Datenschutz-Koordination 
Hessenberg 1
A 4801 Traunkirchen

Data Protection Supervisory Authority

The competent supervisory authority for complaints pursuant to Article 77 GDPR is the Austrian Data Protection Authority (DSB):

Österreichische Datenschutzbehörde
Barichgasse 40-42
A 1030 Wien
+43 1 52 152-0 

Definitions and Further Information

For your further information, our privacy policy also contains references to external sources over which we have no control. We periodically verify the accuracy of this information, but we cannot guarantee the functionality of hyperlinks or the quality of external information at any given time. Article 4 GDPR ( provides definitions of terms used in this privacy policy in case of uncertainty. 


As website operators, we collect data on website access based on our legitimate interests under Article 6(1) GDPR and out of technical necessity. These logs, called log files, are stored directly on the website server primarily for security reasons, such as investigating criminal activities and cyber-attacks. The data is not currently used to analyze website performance. For this purpose, we use specific tools that do not contribute to statistics without your consent.

What Access Data is Collected?

  • visited website, URL
  • time of access
  • amount of data sent in bytes
  • sources & references leading to the page
  • browser used
  • operating system used
  • IP address

These access log files are retained by our external hosting provider (Host Europe GmbH, Friesenplatz 4, 50672 Cologne, Germany) for a maximum of 14 days. If the data does not need to be retained for evidential purposes until an incident is clarified, it is automatically deleted.

3. Cookies

Cookies are transferred to your browser by our server or third-party servers and stored as small files on your device. Browsers access these files for various reasons. For example, our website uses cookies to measure reach, improve website comfort and performance, collect information on website usage, and occasionally deliver targeted advertising on the most effective channels.

If you do not want "our" cookies stored on your device during your visit to our site, you can control this at any time with the cookie control form on this website. Before your consent, no cookies are set that serve the purposes of analysis and targeted information provision and are not technically necessary. The form is presented as a pop-up notice during your first visit to our website, and your selection is then stored via a necessary cookie. If you wish to revoke your consent or change your selection, simply delete existing cookies, preferably restart your browser, and then revisit the page.

Most browsers also offer options in their settings to generally disallow cookies. Please note that disabling cookies may limit the functionality of our website.


Our website can generally be visited without registering as a user or actively providing individual information about yourself.

Contact Form

Entries in our contact form are voluntary, and before submitting the form, acknowledgment of this privacy policy is explicitly required. If you provide us with personal data via the contact form, we process it as described in Section 1 of this privacy policy pursuant to Article 6(1) GDPR.

Processing Your Data by Services

We only collect, use, and disclose personal data (such as your name, email address, or similar information) if it is legally permitted or based on your consent to data collection.

A data transfer to US servers may occur due to technical necessity, based on the EU Commission's contractual agreements, which have deemed the EU-US Privacy Shield framework adequate for data transmission.

5. Google Analytics

We utilize "Google Analytics" as our tool for analyzing website visits, provided by Google Inc., CA, USA, or for the EU by Google Ireland Limited, Gordon House, 4 Barrow St, Dublin, D04 E5W5, Ireland (hereinafter referred to as "Google"). Through this, we optimize our website within the scope of our legitimate interests according to Article 6(1) Sentence 1 GDPR.

This tool technically utilizes cookies, harmless text files stored on your device with your consent (see Point 3 of this Privacy Policy). Data transmission for Google Analytics occurs only with your consent, when the corresponding "Analysis" setting is selected in our Cookie Control Form. The functionality of cookies, and how they are controlled on our website and generally through browser settings, has been described in Point 3 of this Privacy Policy.

Data generated by website visits is highly likely to be sent to a Google server in the USA and stored there, or processed as analytical results. Google claims to act within the framework of European data protection laws and is certified under the Privacy Shield agreement. For more information, visit the external page of the organization: Privacy Shield.

On our website, we additionally protect personal data related to Google Analytics through IP anonymization. Consequently, your IP address would be truncated within the EU or the European Economic Area. In a technically necessary case, the IP address may initially be fully transferred to a Google server in the USA and immediately truncated there. However, this anonymization eliminates any personal reference to your IP address.

As website operators, we have concluded a data processing agreement with Google to obtain legally compliant analysis of website usage from the collected information.

The Google Analytics service is embedded in our website via the Google Tag Manager (using Google Tags) and linked accordingly. The Google Tag Manager itself does not generate cookies or collect personal data. It manages various other services that may collect personal data as described in this Privacy Policy. In our case, that service is Google Analytics.

The Google Tag Manager does not access, or store collected data. However, when called in the browser by our Website, it establishes a connection to Google servers, which, as described above, could also be operational in the USA. Thus, consent to cookies and Google Analytics could technically cause your IP address to appear in the access data at Google via the Google Tag Manager.

Google provides information about its data usage on various of its own websites (for example, Google Policies). Additionally, there is a browser plugin available that disables the Google Analytics service for website visits with the respective browser: Google Analytics Opt-out Browser Add-on.

6. Linkedin

Under the brand SEMA Technology Group, we operate two LinkedIn pages:

LinkedIn's business networking portal and its technical functionality are provided by LinkedIn Ireland Unlimited Company, Wilton Place, Dublin 2, Ireland ("LinkedIn"). Visits and use of the LinkedIn website are subject to LinkedIn's terms of use, privacy policy, cookie policy, and similar statements, available on the LinkedIn website in their current version: 

Our use of personal data via the provided LinkedIn pages is based on our legitimate interests under Article 6 GDPR, to communicate our offerings through these channels and engage with registered customers, prospects, and other stakeholders.

If you do not wish for LinkedIn to process your data, it is recommended to log out of LinkedIn, delete any cookies present on your device, and restart your browser. However, content display on LinkedIn is severely limited without an active login.

Insight Tag

Through LinkedIn's Insight Tag service, we have linked our website with the LinkedIn page and receive information about the interaction between visits to our website and communication activities on LinkedIn, with optional consent. For instance, if you follow our content on both LinkedIn and this website, we can better tailor the user experience to your interests (machine portfolio, automation solutions, career offerings, etc.). The data collected and anonymized by LinkedIn is not personally identifiable or accessible to us.

Your consent to linking our website with LinkedIn can be conveniently controlled through our cookie consent form. With active consent, data processing occurs in accordance with Article 6 GDPR and can be revoked at any time through the form setting. Moreover, the use of personal data for advertising purposes can be controlled in the account settings on LinkedIn.

Our cooperation with LinkedIn is based on a contract for data processing (DPA) for the use of the LinkedIn Insight Tag. This agreement is in accordance with data protection requirements and ensures that LinkedIn processes the personal data of our website visitors only according to our instructions and in compliance with GDPR. Any data transfer to US LinkedIn servers is based on the EU Commission's standard contractual clauses.

7. META – Facebook & Instagram

As the SEMA Technology Group, we maintain two Facebook pages and one Instagram business profile:

The social networking platforms Facebook and Instagram and their technical functionality are provided by Meta Platforms Ireland Limited, Merrion Road, Dublin 4, D04 X2K5, Ireland ("Meta"). Visits and usage of the Meta platforms Facebook and Instagram are subject to Meta's terms of service, privacy policy, cookie policy, and similar statements, available on the Facebook website in their current version: 

Meta Pixel

We incorporate the Meta Pixel from Meta on our websites to optimize Meta marketing services for our respective target audiences. Technically, upon page load, embedded JavaScript code is executed in your device's browser, storing a cookie (see Section 3, Cookies, of this privacy policy). This allows Meta to recognize website visitors and associate them across devices with Meta platform user accounts.

Your consent to linking our website with Meta marketing services can be conveniently controlled through our cookie consent form. With active consent, data processing occurs in accordance with Article 6 GDPR and can be revoked at any time through the form setting or by disabling cookies in your browser.

Specifically concerning recruitment, we advertise on Facebook and Instagram and aim to effectively manage and measure the success of job postings. For example, we may present interested visitors of job advertisements on our website with additional information as labeled advertisements on Facebook and Instagram. However, this retargeting process pseudonymizes your data and does not present it to us in a personally identifiable manner.

Similar to access data (Section 2 of this privacy policy), visit-related data is retrieved through the Meta Pixel, such as IP address, browser version, referral links, etc., as well as existing cookies generated by other Meta services you may use.

Our cooperation with Meta is based on a data processing agreement (DPA). This agreement ensures that Meta processes the personal data of our website visitors only according to our instructions and in compliance with GDPR. Any data transfer to US Meta servers is based on the EU Commission's standard contractual clauses.


We have integrated links to our social media platform presences in the design of our website. Upon clicking one of the corresponding icons (LinkedIn, Xing, Facebook, Instagram, and YouTube), you will be redirected to the respective provider's page.

Our contact page contains a link to Google Maps, a mapping service provided by Google, showing our location conveniently on an interactive map and allowing potential visitors to find the best route in the app or browser.

Your visit to these platforms does not involve targeted linking of personal data in the context of this privacy policy. The pages are loaded as if you had simply visited them in your browser. With your visit to any of these platforms, you are recognized as a regular user, and your access data will likely be logged by the system.

For information on what personal data the respective services and websites store during your visit and how this data is protected and processed, please refer to their respective privacy policies. This also applies to all links and references in this statement.


As a visitor to our website, you have the right to obtain free information about what personal data about you has been stored. Upon your request, this data must be corrected or deleted within the framework of legal requirements, if applicable.

Data Deletion & Right to Object

If your request aligns with a legal obligation to retain data (e.g., data retention), you have the right to delete your data. Information stored by us will be deleted if it is no longer needed for its intended purpose and there are no legal retention periods.

If deletion cannot be carried out because the data is required for legitimate legal purposes, data processing will be restricted. In this case, the data will be blocked and not processed for other purposes.

As a visitor to this website, you may exercise your right to object to the processing of your personal data at any time.

If you wish to correct, block, delete, or obtain information about the personal data stored about you, or if you have any questions regarding the collection, processing, or use of your personal data, or if you wish to revoke any consent given, please contact us.

Data Protection Contact

You can reach our interdisciplinary data protection team directly via email at, or you can confidentially address your concerns to our office team at or by phone at +43 7617 3304 0. For postal inquiries, please address them directly to the Data Protection Coordination Team:

SEMA Management GmbH
z.H. Datenschutz-Koordination 
Hessenberg 1, 4801 Traunkirchen, Austria