Custom Rotary Transfer Machines for individual machining requirements

These special transfer machines rely on standardized modules, components and processes to execute even the most specific machining operations with utmost efficiency and maximum workpiece quality.


various Versions and Variants

Threaded Rods for Truck Brakes

MaterialSteel, Press Blank
Diameter, DimensionØ 30 x 95 mm
NC Axes (without Portal)25 (including spindle units)
Clamping Devices8 pcs. Double Clamping Units Each with 3-jaw chuck with step jaws for front and rear side clamping
Spindles2 pcs. Planetary Drilling Units PDE70 
2 pcs. Roller Units SE100 
6 pcs. Spindle Units SE70
MachiningTurning, Thread Rolling, Milling, Deburring
Cycle Timeapprox. 6 s/part
LoadingHopper + Singulation + Robot
UnloadingPortal, + Robot + Conveyor for Parts Trays
Floor Spaceapprox. 10x10m
RemarksMachining with Emulsion

Shift Forks for Automotive

MaterialSteel, Stamped Part
Dimensionapprox. 120 x 100 x 9 mm
NC Axes (without Portal)31 (including spindle units)
Clamping Devices6 pcs. Double Clamping Units with Swing Clamps or Toggle Clamps
SpindlesSpindle Units SE55
MachiningDrilling, Milling, Deburring
Cycle Timeapprox. 8 s/part, 1.9 million parts/year
LoadingManual, Automated
UnloadingManual, Automated
Floor Spaceapprox. 10x10m
RemarksMachining with Emulsion

Rope Loops and Sleeves, Construction Industry

NC Axes (without Portal)8 (including spindle units)
Clamping DevicesCentering Clamps
SpindlesSpindle Units SE100
MachiningFace Milling, Chamfering, Thread Turning
Cycle Timeapprox. 32 - 71 s/part
LoadingManual with Pre-staging (Buffer)
Floor Spaceapprox. 8x8m
RemarksMachining with Emulsion