ISO, Environment, Machining Excellence

SEMA Maschinenbau embodies a comprehensive commitment to quality. Our expertise in the machining process is a key factor in precise execution of precision requirements. Collaborating with specialized tool suppliers, we develop optimal processes tailored to our customers' individual workpieces. The best solution is tested in dedicated machining trials beforehand and verified on the manufactured workpiece in our in-house measurement laboratory.

This quality control process is conducted in a secluded and climate-controlled measuring room. The quality assurance technology is state-of-the-art, ensuring reliably high-quality results.

  •     Quality control using ZEISS 3D coordinate measuring machines
  • Machine suitability tests with Q-DAS Statistical Software
  • Latest manufacturing machines at the forefront of technology
  • Highest level of quality management
  • Laser measurement of the machines
  • ISO 9001:2015 certified (No. 10000401765-MSC-RvA-AUT-CC2- DNV GL)

SEMA Maschinenbau

SEMA Service

SEMA Komponenten

The spectrum of possible applications is very diverse and includes:

  • Milling, Circular Milling, Centering, Broaching
  • Turning, Threading, Balancing
  • Drilling, Countersinking, Reaming, Deep Hole Drilling
  • Tumbling, Knurling, Sawing, Rolling
  • Deburring, Finishing
  • collaborative development of machining process
  • early involvement of tool manufacturers
  • individual test machining in advance

SEMA and the environment

An intact world, an intact nature and a pure environmental thought should be the greatest concern of every single person on this earth. 

In 2016, the first photovoltaic system was installed on the roofs of SEMA. The new production hall followed in 2018. From this point on, almost 200 employees are working on almost 12,000 m² of work space. Not only additional jobs were created, but also the foundation stone for a company that will gradually dedicate itself to the environmental idea. With this 1st step in this direction, we succeeded in producing our own electricity with our own photovoltaic system on our roof. With 90 kWp at peak times, it feeds about 15% into our in-house power supply and saves us a lot of electricity costs. In the years before, SEMA hardly used any fossil electricity and has been using 100% green electricity for several years now. Time to take this idea further and expand it again. We are continuing to expand our photovoltaic system and would like to put it into operation in the spring of 2022. Our entire plant will then produce so much electricity that we will be able to cover a large part of sustainable electricity supply.

With 500 kWp, we cover approximately 60% of our total consumption.

SEMA and its environmental philosophy go much further. Sustainability and resource reduction have been at the top of the agenda for more than 15 years:


 Halls ventilation and exhaust

Fresh air supply via controlled skylights and ventilation fans

Efficient fresh air supply Reduction of heating energy

 LED Lighting

Highly efficient and luminous LED ceiling lighting

Reduction energy consumption


 Automatic lighting control in offices and halls

Daylight-dependent lighting control in halls and offices.
In offices with motion sensors for automatic switching on and off.

Reduction of energy consumption

 Open and bright hall construction with glass facades.

Employee motivation - visual connection with environment and surroundings.
Light-flooded halls.

Reduction of lighting fixtures and reduction of lighting energy

 Thermal and energy insulated facades

Modern and above standard halls in terms of energy consumption and insulation

Reduction of heating energy

 Modern hall heating technology

Energy efficient gas dark radiators
Pleasant and uniform hall heating

Reduction of heating energy

 Modern office heating technology and hot water production

Heating and hot water through

  • Heat recovery from compressor systems and
  • heat pump

Reduction of energy consumption

 Office air conditioning

In office buildings through heating and cooling system integrated in ceilings in combination with the heat pump system Cooling also via underfloor heating

Reduction of energy consumption

 Home control system

Intelligent control of functions in offices and halls. Successive integration and connection as well as digitalization of all areas and components in the facility area

Reduction of energy consumption and heating energy

 Own power generation

Photovoltaic system on hall roofs with approx. 500 kWh output

Reduction of energy consumption

 Energy efficient machines

SEMA machines are equipped with electrical energy recovery module

Reduction of energy consumption

 Optimized supply chain strategy and high in-house production depth for mechanical components

Reduction and elimination of transports and transport routes

Extensive reduction of CO2 emissions

 Company vehicles

Partially as far as economically reasonable and possible as E-vehicles or hybrid vehicles

Reduction of CO2 emissions

 E-charging point

5 company-owned charging points for company vehicles and for employees with e-vehicles fed partly from photovoltaic system

Reduction of CO2 emissions

 Waste management

Waste separation and recycling
Reduction of input materials

Sustainability and resource reduction

 Parks and green spaces

Numerous trees and green areas around the company buildings and grounds